Jul 20, 2017 | Exercise, Health, Over 40

When trying to shed your winter coat in readiness for summer… there is a new trend – and it’s not an all-promise no-result new shiny gym machine…

It is good old-fashioned, tried and true … boxing. And women are leading the way!

Boxing and the aerobic-inspired boxercise is a total body workout that combines a mixture of cardio and high impact training that sees fast weight loss results as well as decreased stress levels!

With legions of celebrity fans from Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian boxing is no longer just for guys but for the latest fitness for women!


Boxing uses every part of the body from the mind to core strength. It has the added benefits of increasing endurance and agility while also improving coordination and reflexes. Boxing and boxercise workouts keeps the heart rate in the ‘weight loss’ zone long after the workout finishes – which means your body will have an increased metabolised and absorb less fat during the day!

“60 minutes of boxing for fitness has been shown to be equivalent to running 9km on the treadmill and burning 2821kj”

(Williams and Wilkinson, American College of Sports Medicine)

 Now that’s a great workout!

Boxing isn’t just punching your arms back and forth, proper technique will teach you to start at the toes, the power then comes through your legs and hips and ends in the punch… so every fibre of your being gets involved in a quick one-two.

Variety is key, and different combinations will keep you on your toes both physically and mentally. Aside from increasing coordination, challenging and stimulating combinations will challenge and grow your mental agility as well!

And if that’s not enough, there aren’t too many opportunities in life where you’re encouraged to release aggression, it’s just not PC. Boxing allows you to release the ‘pent up’ emotion in a safe, fun environment.

So, in a nutshell, Boxing is a time-effective way to provide a low impact, high intensity work out. The physical benefits include gains in strength, endurance, balance and speed. If boxing properly, you will develop the grace of a Gazelle coupled with the power of a Rhino. Or, in the style of the great Muhammed …

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”

 Get the Gloves on

Boxing is another one of those great sports where you don’t have to buy loads of gear. If you participate in a class, most of the equipment will be provided… but if you’re not into sweat-sharing, maybe invest in some cotton glove liners. You can get these from most sports stores who sell boxing gear. You wear them inside your boxing gloves and wash them after each workout.

If you’re thinking of becoming more committed, then it might be an idea to buy your own gloves that are sized to your hand and weight/strength. Punch and Thump are good brands, and for the more serious… Everlast is hard to beat.

Other than that, some light training shoes, clothes you can move about freely in and some motivation is about all you need.

In the Ring

 Just a couple of tips to keep in mind:

1) Always use ‘split stance’ ie. one leg forward, one leg back and between punches keep fists up (helps balance/form and strength).

2) Holding focus pads – Position the pads in a downwards motion to catch the punch

Concentrate on resistance, ie. pushing pressure back. Work on timing together with your partner.

 3) Punching (Jab/Cross/Uppercut/Hook)

a. aim to hit leading with top two knuckles.

b. Your leading hand is the same as your foot forward.

  1. follow the line of the punch, out and in punches start from the feet

Hot Tips

 *Make sure you train with an accredited Boxing trainer. You want someone who can teach your correct technique from the instant you ‘step in the ring’. There are a plethora of great boxing classes available at most good gyms, or seek out a Personal Trainers who specialise in boxing. Getting it right from the start will ensure you avoid injury.

* Make sure you keep a straight wrist when you punch – even if it is at the air. Correct technique will improve your results and set you up for the next stage.

* Always use your abs, glutes and legs when throwing a punch to maximise your workout. By using your whole body you will also increase your power output and maximise your workout results.

* Remember to breathe! With any sport, you must avoid holding your breath through the exercise. Breathe deeply and maintain control — in through the nose and out through the mouth! It also helps in the power department to exhale when landing a punch.

“I am the Greatest” (Muhammed Ali). That’s the confidence you will feel once you master the art of boxing… not to mention how you’re body will look and feel.

It is good old-fashioned, tried and true … boxing. And women are leading the way!

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