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Most people hate public speaking – Kris thrives on it. Ever since she was a 15 year-old running Aerobic classes at her school during lunch – starting with 10 girlfriends, to filling two basketball courts at each class. Nothing builds confidence more than being on a stage in front of your peers, in flourescent coloured lycra!

Kris’ Speaking & Workshops

Kris is a seasoned Presenter, MC, Keynote speaker and Retreat Facilitator. Her high-energy, motivational style comes from years of teaching fitness classes in fluorescent Lycra! Today, her style is more relaxed, but equally vibrant.

Her core message revolves around achieving Wellness in a Busy World and Wellness Isn’t Necessarily Green Juices and Colonics!

Having worked in preventative health for 30 years, she has a wealth of experience, and loves sharing her insights in a highly engaging, entertaining format.

Kris has also been a guest at more Wellness Retreats around the world than possibly any other Australian… an occupational hazard of her role as Editor of Spa & Wellness International Magazine. She has countless anecdotes on the weird and wonderful experiences encountered in the name of a good story!

Being a key person of influence in Wellness and the Wellness Tourism industry, Kris has been a presenter at international Wellness, Wellness Travel and Industry conferences – including a panellist at the Global Wellness Summit in Aspen, a Keynote speaker at Thailand’s Inaugural Wellness Symposium in Bangkok, and a Mentor in Regional NSW Tourism Incubate program on Norfolk Island.

Kris has most recently been involved in the creation of Australia’s first curriculum approved Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing, and is passionate about running workshops for SME’s on how to effectively use Digital Media and marketing to grow their brand. Her workshops demystify the confusion around online marketing. Utilising her past experience as a teacher, a marketer and years in media, her Digital Marketing workshops are practical, applicable and highly relevant to today’s small business owner.

Her events are highly entertaining, empowering, and engaging, inspiring her audience to walk away with something positive they can apply to their personal life or business that will improve their current state-of-play.

Kris is available for bookings for MCing events, keynote presentations, workshops, Q&A style live events, conferences, Lunch-n-Learns, intimate gatherings, Retreats and more.


Photo: Presenting with the wonderful Luke Hines at The Natural & Organic Supershow

As MC, Kris kept the event flowing to the schedule, introduced the speakers with interesting hidden facts she had discovered prior to the event. She seamlessly promoted the silent auction and entertained guests with anecdotes and a poem she had written to tie the event together. A well experienced MC, adding to the great success of the night.

Geoff Olds, MD 360 Technology Group

Kris presented an informative and inspiring workshop to our Norfolk Island Tourism Incubator group about the wellness industry in November 2019. Not only did the workshop make wellness accessible for individuals, it also inspired the local operators to better understand the wellness market and how to reach it. Kris has an approachable, warm and engaging style, it was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Kerry Grace, Director of Regional Development – Regional Development Mid North Coast and Norfolk Island

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