Wellness Leave

For those who like the idea of going to a health retreat yet want the freedom of sleeping in, eating the local cuisine or exploring what’s beyond the four walls. And for those who want to avoid sick leave!

Restore. Explore. Return Home with More…

Who is Wellness Leave for?

You! Especially if you need a holiday and you want to use the time to adopt some healthy habits
You’re going on a family holiday and you’d like to also use the time to get healthier
You’re not quite up to doing a health retreat but want elements of one incorporated into your holiday.
The 75% of Australians who admit to suffering from stress and/or burn-out.
The 67% of the Australian adult population who are overweight or obese.
The 48% of Australians who suffer from a preventable chronic illness
The 47% of the Australian workforce who spend most of their day sitting

The 49% of Australians who don’t eat enough fruit & vegetables on a daily basis

The 85% who don’t meet the Australian Daily Physical Activity Guidelines
The 100% of people who want to feel well, more vital than they do now
COMPANIES who value their employees wellbeing & want to reduce sick days
HOTELS AND RESORTS who want to offer their guests healthy holidays
PEOPLE who need inspiration and motivation to get healthier
ANYONE looking for unique ways to improve wellness in an incredible setting

Wellness Leave can be tailored for individual holidays or workplace wellness initiatives. 

We are all familiar with Sick Leave and the burden it puts on businesses. We’re also facing increasing rates of lifestyle-related illnesses, which all are totally preventable.

Mental illness is at an all time high, and obesity rates continue to climb. With this sad state of health and the demand it places on our health care system, I feel it’s time to look at alternatives to encourage people to be more proactive with their health.

And so Wellness Leave was born.

What is Wellness Leave?

Wellness leave, put simply, is taking time out (whether an hour, a day or a week) to do something that promotes wellness and has a positive impact on your health.

I’m talking a trek, a spa treatment, learning a new skill, experiencing a new activity or immersing yourself in a different culture. Anything that makes you relax, restore and smile more!

As part of Wellness Leave, I have created 3 DIY Retreats you can combine with your annual leave, do at home,  or implement as part of your workplace wellness initiatives.

Adding Health to Your Holiday

The 3 DIY Retreats are expert-created wellness programs that address the major health concerns of the Western World: stress, obesity and cardiovascular disease. While there is nothing unique about targeting these areas, what is breaking with tradition… Is where the programs are being offered.

Think places where your heart rate drops on arrival! Places that offer new experiences, feed the soul, and nurture your senses. Places where you want to go, choose to go…

Creating a positive association from the start.

A holiday breaks the routine, and there is no better way to start new habits, then when usual daily habits are no longer at play.

The alarm clock isn’t set, you can eat breakfast at your leisure, you might even get up to see a sunrise and soak up this simple pleasure.





Would you like to add elements of health to your next break so you return home feeling like you’ve truly had a holiday?

Adding Wellness to your Leave

It’s much easier (and more enjoyable) to go for a bike-ride through a rice field, stopping to take photos and to chat with the locals when it’s part of your holiday, not rushed during lunch hour.

And how glorious to fuel your body with tropical fruit and vegetables just picked and deliciously prepared.

To be clear, I’m not talking Wellness as in ‘up at sunrise to salute the sun, followed by a vegan breakfast and an afternoon meditation’. While that’s without a doubt the ultimate in Wellness, it isn’t for everyone. Especially if you only have 4 weeks annual leave, a family who want you to join them on holidays, and an adventurous spirit!

You may not want to spend your limited annual leave at a destination wellness retreat, however you have a definite desire to get healthier while on holidays.

So, you want some guidance, yet freedom. Then one of my DIY Wellness Retreats is the perfect solution for you.

The Health Retreat You Can Pack

Most resorts have a gym, a spa, a menu with healthy options and a selection of leisure activities. These provide the perfect foundation for wellness retreats, without technically being a Wellness Retreat.

Utilising this as a base, I have created 3 Do.It.Yourself (DIY) Retreats that are so flexible you can do almost anywhere and they will fit in your backpack or briefcase. The 3 retreats are:


DIY D|Stress




DIY DownSize

I work with certain properties, or property groups, to utilise their current facilities, leisure activities, experts, experiences and menus to tailor your DIY Retreat.

And if you’d like a holiday, but nothing on the horizon, let me integrate wellness into your ‘Staycation’.

Not sure which DIY Retreat to choose, take the quiz and your answers will tell us which one is best for you and your health.


Holiday and Detox are generally not two words used in the same sentence! However, this program is a very gentle detox designed to give your vitals organs a holiday too. So, if you’re feeling a bit ‘blah’ and happy to forgo sugary cocktails and rich deserts, this program will be the start of something magical. You won’t go without, you’ll still enjoy all the fresh, seasonal, local food. The activities are designed to help you rid some toxins, as well as learn the benefits clean food has on your health. The spa treatments recommended will also help shift toxins. 

The D|Tox Program will send you home feeling fresh, energised and like you’ve really had a holiday!

DIY D|Stress

This program is designed to help you take a deep breath and ooze some of the tension out of your body. All the activities are designed to help you restore health and calm the mind. While the spa treatments are specific to Destressing, you can swap to other treatments you feel might be better for you at that moment in time. It’s all about listening to your body!

You will also learn a few techniques to help you destress when you get back home and the stress levels start to climb.  The D|Stress Program puts the capital R in the ‘relax’ on your holiday. Unwind, untangle and let go.

DIY DownSize

Putting on weight can often be a side-effect of a good holiday. Not this one! The DownSize program, while you certainly won’t starve, will send you home feeling vital and light. You’ll enjoy nutritious, delicious real food. The activities are designed to help you to burn fat, and enjoy the local sights! The spa treatments recommended are quite stimulating, however, you can swap to other treatments if you prefer something more relaxing. The DownSize Program allows you to have a great holiday, while learning a few tips on how to eat well and shift your mind set, so your downsizing will continue long after you arrive home.


DIY D|Stress






Each Retreat is normally a 5-Day or 7-Day Program, however this can alter depending on length of stay or if you’re staying home.

After determining the most suitable retreat for you, you can book here. You’ll receive a stylish backpack or tote containing your DIY Retreat Program and products to guide you throughout your holiday and beyond… so your new habits can continue once you’re back at home.

If you are staying with one of our preferred partners, we can give you a sample itinerary for your stay that complements your DIY Retreat. 


These programs are also suitable (and customisable) for corporate conferences & for the business traveller. They will pave the way for the ultimate concept in workplace wellness, resulting in less sick leave.

If you’re holidaying with family or friends who all want to get healthier, you can all choose your desired retreat and do it together, while having a lot of fun!

The Benefits of Doing A DIY Retreat



It’s a more affordable option than a dedicated Wellness Retreat.


The DIY programs are gentle immersions, without the pervasive focus of a wellness retreat. Less rigidity, more flexibility


They are not two-dimensional health programs simply about nutrition and exercise. While we incorporate this, we also include the other dimensions – the intangibles – experiences, memories, and the taste of what it feels like to be healthier.


Each wellness leave program is designed to address the body, mind and soul. The programs are a combination of; delicious nutritious food, soul-enriching encounters and exercise wrapped up in an experience.


The main goal is to have everyone who does one of these programs to feel well. And use this taste of wellness to inspire you to make simple, positive changes to your lifestyle.


The DIY programs provide you with the tools to continue their wellness journey back at home. Each program includes a follow-up call and a 4-week do-at-home program.


Enjoy time with family, friends, the locals… Or yourself. . . While still doing something positive for your health!


Our Partners

If you would like to become a partner property, sponsor or have the opportunity to add products to the DIY Tool Kits?

Which DIY Retreat To Do?

For us to best cater to your goals and needs, and to ensure you have a fantastic experience, please answer the following as honestly as possible. All is confidential.

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