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I’ve created Wellness Programs for busy people like you! If you’re stressed, time-poor, and don’t like diets, my programs are for you. Hacks and Health tips galore!

Spa Inspired Detox

Feeling a bit sluggish & blah! Maybe you should do a Detox? This 4-Week Program has been created with the help of the best Detox Resorts around the world and designed especially for you to do at home.

Wellness Leave

Wellness Leave comprises of 3 Do It Yourself Retreats you can do while at work with your colleagues or on holiday. The goal being more health less Sick Leave!

Spa and Wellness Magazine

Each issue we showcase the latest trends in health and wellness, what’s happening in beauty, where to go to enjoy incredible experiences, or where to hide when you need to retreat.


Workshops & Retreats

Would you like to join my next retreat? Or have me help you create a conference where your team came home motivated, refreshed and feeling super productive?

About Kris Abbey

I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember. By 13, I had given up junk food, and by 15 I had begun leading group fitness classes – and continue to do so today. For me it is not a fad, it is a lifestyle. 30 odd years later, I’m even more passionate about feeling vital and love that wellness is finally becoming a lifestyle worth investing in.

As editor of Spa & Wellness International I get to visit some of the best Spas around the world and do their wonderful detox programs. As a result, I’ve created my Spa Inspired Detox program, complete with recipes from those Spas, little tips to help reduce weight, and some rituals that will take you to any destination your heart desires.

4-Weeks To Wellness

(Wine-Lover Friendly)

You know you’d benefit from a good cleanse, but the thought of a detox makes you break out in a cold sweat and mentally reel off all the reasons why you can’t do this. Giving up wine being one! But what if I said this was not about giving up and denial, rather taking up good habits and eating real food.

Spa Inspired Detox
Wellness Leave

Wellness Leave

We are all familiar with Sick Leave and the burden it has on businesses. We are also faced with increasing rates of  lifestyle-related illnesses, many of which are preventable. Wellness Leave gives you the break to beat burn-out… It is Prevention with a capital P!

Spa & Wellness Magazine

Spa & Wellness magazine – is a beautiful quarterly, hard-copy publication. Each page takes you on a journey for the mind, body and soul. It is the escape you need when you can’t escape!

Spa Inspired Detox
Wellness Leave

Workshops & Conferences

If you would like a bespoke workshop or a customised conference with elements of wellness, I’ve got you! Let’s create something perfect for your team & budget.

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Your easy kick-start to feeling like you’re 23 again!

Kris Abbey
Sometimes starting is the hardest step, as the end seems so far away. This 3-Day program gives you a taste of what it feels like to feel well – call it dipping your toe in the water! And the best bit, there’s a few secret health hacks you’ll want to continue, even when your 3 days are up.

Kris Abbey

Health Overhaul Book by Kris Abbey

Wellness Blog


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Go With Your Gut

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Only eat things you can pronounce. Except for quinoa. You should eat quinoa!

– Doug Larson

What our clients say

I first embarked on Kris’s “Get Clean Get Lean” program May 2011. I can honestly say, that with the support she gave, together with the food suggestions and exercise advice, it turned my life around. I lost 4kg which have stayed off and I have become much more mindful of my food choices. I now make the decision to get back in line with the detox programme each year, as it feels so good to do so. I have consistently lost 2kg each time. I have always loved cooking and now just have a wider choice of wonderful foods, my entire relationship with sweet and sugary foods has changed for the better. I would encourage anyone to give it a go. All you have to lose is a bit of weight and a heap of wonderful feelings to gain.

Julie Coulsen

Taking part in Kris's detox program was one of the best decisions I have made.  After years of binge eating and yoyo dieting I was looking for something that would empower me by educating me about ‘real food’. And an education it certainly was. I even baked guilt-free Paleo Anzacs! And lost over 6 Kilos. There are so many ‘fad’ diets and ‘expert opinions’ in the media, I was feeling lost and confused; the Get Clean program takes you back to basics and allows you to look at food in a new light. It also takes a unique approach to complete wellbeing; the changes in my diet lead to a change in my health.

Natalie Rowe

When it comes to the Spa industry Kris is the first person who immediately comes to my mind. Having known Kris professionally for 10+ years I wholeheartedly recommend her as THE expert and go-to consultant. Over the years Kris has become a friend who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who is in the industry and seeking expert advice based on years of hands-on experience. I’ve worked with Kris on a number of projects and every time she exceeds my expectations on her knowledge, practicalities and creativity for what can be created.

Samantha Sample, Be Genki

Kris is the epitome of the all-rounder. Firstly, she lives on the frontier of everything health, wellness & spa related - she's the industry knowledge expert. Secondly, she's the "go to person" on everything & anything fitness-related. Finally, she's a strategist, a creative who designs the most beautiful published materials, an incredible writer, a business owner & a person who inspires. Everything she touches sparkles & I've never before worked with someone who delivers so consistently & to such a high standard of excellence. A rare & trustworthy professional. Highly, highly recommended.

Rhonda Sweet

Kris was one of the pioneers that rallied the Australian spa and wellness industry; her passion for all things ‘wellness’ clearly showing through her work with the media and not-for-profit associations. She walks her talk with integrity and humility, is unfailingly positive, and always has a kind word to say or a constructive suggestion to add. I’m thrilled to have her working with us on the Board of the International Health & Wellness

Samantha Foster, President, International Health & Wellness Alliance

Which DIY Retreat To Do?

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  • SweatBothYoga
    Do you prefer sweating or exercise like yoga?

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