Wellness Retreats

I have some Retreats on the horizon, however, I love working with clients to create the perfect experience for you, your team, or your friends.

Wellness Retreat on Water with Coral Expeditions

Revitalise On The Reef | Cairns – Cairns | 7 Nights

Departing 15 & 22 September 2021

Set sail and discover the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef while embarking on a journey of personal wellness. This cruise that will have disembarking refreshed and revitalised.

Aboard the expedition ship Coral Discoverer, a bespoke wellness program draws on the latest health practices and incorporates connections with culture and the natural environment to provide an enriching and immersive wellness experience.

Discover little-visited reefs and islands of the Great Barrier Reef while enjoying soul-nourishing cuisine. Relax and reconnect with nature while creating lifelong memories. Explore our underwater wonders with guided snorkelling and diving over remote outer coral reefs and share active walks on rainforest paths and isolated island outposts.

Morning yoga classes at remote beaches, evening relaxation sessions and workshops on fitness and nutrition will help you achieve a feeling of space, freedom and mindfulness. You’ll enjoy a customised wellness program against the backdrop of extraordinary marine life, World Heritage-listed rainforest and Indigenous cultural heritage.

SHE-EO Wellness Retreats & Workshops

Destination TBA | 5 Nights

Taking Bookings after COVID 19

The SHE-EO Retreats and workshops are created for women who are juggling a team, a household, and/or a big business. These women generally put their own time-out down low on the priority list. Early starts, late finishes, racing to a child’s school event and then up late prepping for a client presentation. Adrenalin is often the major fuel source, or powered by coffee and power lunches. Sound like you?

Our retreats and workshops are highly specific, interactive and designed especially for women who wear many hats, make a lot of decisions and don’t have a great deal of spare time.

These retreats are like no other. They are intimate, fun, informative, inspiring, utilising a variety of experts (from fashion, art, beauty, food, wellness, and work hacks). You will be armed with useful information to help weave wellness into your day, a gorgeous luxury goodie bag filled with guidance and gifts, and you also get to connect with other like-minded. equally juggling, women.

These retreats and workshops are time-out before you burn-out.

DIY Wellness Retreats

Destress, Detox or Loseweight| Holiday, Work or Home | 5- 7 Nights

Choose the time that suits you

Most resorts have a gym, a spa, a menu with healthy options and a selection of leisure activities. These provide the perfect foundation for wellness retreats, without technically being a Wellness Retreat.Utilising this as a base, I have created 3 DIY Retreats that are so flexible you can do almost anywhere and they will fit in your backpack or briefcase. The 3 retreats are:

DIY D|Stress


DIY DownSize

I work with certain properties, or property groups, to utilise their current facilities, leisure activities, experts, experiences and menus to tailor your DIY Retreats.

And if you’d like a holiday, but nothing on the horizon, let me integrate wellness into your ‘Staycation’. 

Which DIY Retreat To Do?

For us to best cater to your goals and needs, and to ensure you have a fantastic experience, please answer the following as honestly as possible. All is confidential.

  • Always or very goodSometimes or could be betterNot very or not at all
    How often do you have a good nights sleep?
    What about Stress?
    How often do you feel stretched for time?
    Would you say you have time to relax?
  • Always or very goodSometimes or could be betterNot very or not at all
    How often do you have a good nights sleep?
    What about Stress?
    Do you ever feel bloated and blah?
    How often do you think you should do a detox
  • Always or very goodSometimes or could be betterNot very or not at all
    Do you feel your waist band is a bit tight?
    How fit would you say you were?
    How often do yo feel fully energised?
    How often do you think about going on a diet?
  • Always or very goodSometimes or could be betterNot very or not at all
    Are you an adventurer?
    Are you are morning or night person?
  • SweatBothYoga
    Do you prefer sweating or exercise like yoga?
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Do I Need A Detox?

Answer the questions honestly! If you score over 6 points, you will definitely benefit from doing a detox or cleanse.
  • YesSometimesNo
    Do you suffer frequent headaches?
    Have you experienced poor digestion and bloating?
    Do you have occasional acne and breakouts?
    Have you struggled shifting excess weight
    Do you have or had bad breath
    Do you sometimes feel sluggish and lacking in energy
    Have you got poor sleep patterns
    Do you experience unexplained muscle aches and pains
    Do you suffer fogginess or forgetfulness?
    Do you feel anxious and/or suffer mood swings
    De you get recurring infections
    Do you have nerve pain or numbness
    Click on the answer that most applies to you at this time.
  • SweatBothYoga
    Do you prefer sweating or exercise like yoga?

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