Low Fat Is A Big Fat Lie

Jul 22, 2017 | Food, Health, Over 40

What you are about to read requires an open mind. You have to look at facts instead of massive advertising and failed, faulty theories. You almost have to disregard a lot of what you thought was true about food and weight loss. Are you ready?

Also, just to paint the scene, this information is the result of an interview with Dr Dwight Lundell, the past Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Banner Heart Hospital, Mesa, Arizona. He is the founder of the Healthy Humans Foundation and Chief Medical Advisor for Asantae. Yes, he is American and therefore a lot of the stats he quotes are American…. But as we know, this is representative of the Western World.

Fact: From 1900 to 1980, obesity rates in the US remained stable at 14% to 15% of the population. Since 1980, however, obesity rates have skyrocketed. Today, 65% of the population is overweight or obese. This spike is directly linked to the US Department of Agriculture’s creation of the food pyramid, advocating 11 daily servings of grains and cereals. This is not a coincidence.

“For most of my 25-year medical career and 5,000 heart surgeries, I accepted low-fat dieting theories. I also believed the theory that dietary cholesterol was a primary cause of heart disease. But as heart disease continued to soar, year after year, my doubts increased.

“I treated thousands of patients after they became ill. The question that haunted me was what was causing heart disease, obesity and diabetes in the first place? As I examined the data, it was clear that these conditions spiked in the 1980s, then continued to climb.

“Study after study has demonstrated the negative effects of consuming a grain-based, low-fat, high-sugar diet. There is no credible evidence to suggest that a low-fat diet equals a lower incidence of heart disease and obesity. In fact, all the evidence proves otherwise. The low-fat and cholesterol theories are based on incomplete science.

‘We are what we eat’ is a common saying. But it is not quite accurate. Instead of focusing on what we put inside our bodies, we should focus on how our bodies metabolise the food we put there. How we metabolise low-fat, high-sugar and grain-based food is clearly reflected in our growing rates of obesity and heart disease. More people develop heart disease today than ever before, and at an earlier age. Every 34 seconds, a person in the US loses their life to a heart attack. That’s 2,500 people a day.

The National Institutes of Health, the National Cholesterol Education Program, the American Heart Association, the US Department of Agriculture and a host of other medical organisations continue to advocate a low-fat diet and statin medications to reduce cholesterol. These organisations are wrong, but to admit it threatens their bottom line.

You don’t have time to wait for the government, the medical community and food manufacturers to admit their mistake. If you have faithfully followed their mistaken regime, you can stop blaming yourself for excess pounds and ill health. Your life and your health happens now and it’s in your control. Read that bit again!

The low-fat and cholesterol theories are firmly planted in our consciousness. From the advice of our physicians, to the TV ads for statin drugs, to the grocery store aisles packed with low-fat foods, these faulty theories are reinforced at every turn. Their powerful marketing may be persuasive, but it is not scientific fact. To untangle the knots created around fats, as a rule, plant-based fats are actually beneficial and needed in moderate doses in our diet… and they can also help reduce HDL Colesterol. 

Real Food (Or LOW HI)

The first step you should take to improving your health is to return to the diet of your grandparents in the days before governments and food manufacturers declared war on fat and real food to fit faulty theories. Your grandparents were not afraid to drink real milk and eat eggs, butter or nuts. 

“I am not advocating these foods in large quantities. But their elimination from our diet – in favour of low-fat, high-sugar, grain-based foods – has resulted in inflammation and staggering rates of obesity.

“Packaged low-fat foods created for shelf life – not human life – never touched your grandparents’ plates. Hydrogenated omega-6 vegetable oils and margarine were not even invented. For your grandparents, sugar was a treat reserved for special occasions. Now it is a daily staple.

“Drug companies have done a magnificent job convincing us that we cannot get well without medication. This is not true. Your body is a tremendous, self-healing organism. When you consume real food and essential nutrients, it will respond and flourish,” Says Dr Lundell

Packaged low-fat foods filled with sugar and omega-6 oils strongly contribute to inflammation. This is the true cause of heart disease, diabetes and a host of other diseases. There is no better time than now to understand how the faulty cholesterol theory has created an epidemic of inflammation and what you can do about it. You only have one heart. Keeping it healthy is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

About Dr Dwight Lundell

Dr Dwight Lundell is the past Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Banner Heart Hospital, Mesa, Arizona. He is the founder of the Healthy Humans Foundation and Chief Medical Advisor for Asantae. In 2003, he made the most difficult decision of his 25-year surgical career. As traditional medicine continued to chase the cholesterol theory of heart disease, he closed his surgical practice and devoted the rest of his life to speaking the truth – that inflammation causes heart disease. By lowering inflammation, heart disease has a cure.

Dr Lundell is the author of the worldwide bestselling book, The Great Cholesterol Lie, a revealing look at heart disease and the faulty theories of low-fat diets and cholesterol. In this book, he also reveals his clinically-tested recommendations for lowering inflammation to prevent and reverse heart disease. Give this man a standing ovation, then go out and buy his book!

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