Wide Open Spaces

May 16, 2020 | Travel

Cue Dixie Chicks…. ‘

Most of us have been dreaming of wide-open spaces and hoping for a time when we can safely travel again. While leisure travel in the near future is unlikely, there is no harm in fantasising about one of these bucket list getaways. Even if travel cannot happen anytime soon, the exercise of visualising and planning is good for the soul.


Big Sky Retreat

If outdoor adventures like hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing, snowshoeing or dogsledding are your style, look to visit Big Sky, Montana. And I recommend you stay at The Wilson Hotel. The Wilson Hotel is located on the edge of Yellowstone National Park, the town is home to Big Sky Resort and its 5,850 acres of outdoor experiences. There’s ski terrains, shaded trekking forests, wildflower-filled meadows, rocky mountaintops and clear, cool rivers and streams. https://thewilsonhotel.com/


Play Cowboy at Luxury Ranch

Red Reflet Ranch is an all-inclusive 28,000+ acre luxury resort and working ranch on the west slope of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. The closest sign of civilisation is a town with a population of about 260. Guests stay in their own private chalets, and family-friendly activities include horseback riding, ATVing, ziplining, swimming, fishing, and indulging in gourmet farm-to-table cuisine. The ranch is open for business now. http://redrefletranch.com/


Adventure Cycling

Plan an epic bike tour of your own with maps and other resources from the Adventure Cycling Association. On offer are more than 76,000 kilometres of routes across North America like the TransAmerica Trail and Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. If self-guided isn’t your style, Adventure Cycling also leads a variety of tours every year, from van supported to inn-to-inn and fully supported. https://www.adventurecycling.org/


Antarctica Eclipse

An awe-inspiring expedition cruise to see the ice and wildlife of Antarctica always requires advance planning. 2021 offers a truly rare experience when a solar eclipse will plunge part of the Southern Ocean into darkness. Adventure Life is booking a selection of ships that will position themselves in the path of totality for the 4 December event. https://www.adventure-life.com/antarctica/2021-eclipse-cruises


Tiny House Base Camp

Just minutes from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Fireside Resort capitalises on the tiny house craze. Modelled on rustic cottages, there are 25 pint-size, luxuriously outfitted tiny house rental units designed by Wheelhaus. The resort is located a stone’s throw from Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole ski slopes. It is a great place to post up for a ski trip or a summer getaway.  https://www.firesidejacksonhole.com


Mediterranean Escape

Explore Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily on this island-hopping cycling tour being offered by Ride & Seek. The exceptional diversity of the islands is represented through the numerous cultures. Enjoy amazing gastronomic variations, strikingly rugged interior landscapes paired with stunning coastlines of white beaches and emerald waters, and locals with an incredibly strong sense of place. Mediterranean charm is truly at the heart of this tour. https://www.rideandseek.com/tour/3-islands-corsica-sardinia-and-sicily/


Bryce & Zion by MTB

Soaring red stone spires and ancient citadels of rich Navajo sandstone give way to haunting hoodoos and curving arches of rock. A geologist’s dream and a mountain biker’s paradise. The rides offer swift lines that wind and weave through deep Alpine meadows and Aspen forests only to spill out onto yawning mesas and buttes. The world famous trails of Red Canyon’s Thunder Mountain, Cassidy and Casto Canyon, symbolise but a few of this tour’s many highlights. https://escapeadventures.com/tour/bryce-and-zion-mountain-bike-tour/


Fly Fish Montana

Big Hole Lodge is clearly defined as one of the great fly fishing destinations in North America. The wild trophy trout fishing possibilities are unmatched in the West, along with the unpressured fishing experience of Southwestern Montana. This Orvis Endorsed lodge is nestled in a magnificent wilderness setting in the Pioneer Mountains with a beautiful trout stream at its doorstep. https://www.frontierstravel.com/big-hole

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